All Pints $7, Pitchers $24,
Week of June 14th

Pinapple Selzer - 5.0

Old Caz Brewing - Rohnert Park

A Refreshing Hard Seltzer 


True Kolsch 5.0%

Almanac Brewing - Alameda 

It’s TRUE, this German Kölsch-style ale is a crisp, light and unfussy beer that makes enjoying food and friends just a little more wunderbar. Prost!

Love Hazy IPA 6.1%

Almanac Brewing - Alameda

LOVE is bursting with hoppy tropical flavors. Built on a simple base of Pilsner malt and rolled oats, this super dank IPA has a pillowy mouthfeel and is double dry-hopped with Mosaic, Citra and Sabro. Flavors of mango, cantaloupe, and citrus will keep you infatuated.

Free Craigs - Hazy IPA 6.9%

Old Caz - Rohnert Park 

Softer and more tropical - Using a London Ale yeast strain to provide for a fruitier, sweeter, and beautifully hazy beer. To further these characteristics, namely haze and mouthfeel, a large ratio of oats were used in the mash, which work amazingly to soften out hop harshness and add some balance.

The Hills Have Rice - Lager 4.4%

he Hills Have Rice is a rice lager brewed with jasmine rice and pilsner malt. It's Pond Farm's lightest, driest, and most crushable beer yet.

Holy Ghost Pilsner - 5.0

Lauging Monk - San Francisco

Bright gold in color, great clarity, and a bright white head. Aromas of lemon and wheat bread compliment the flavors of lemon and grass, and a slight bready undertone. Light body, with a slight acidity and a semi-dry, lightly hopped finish

Macintosh Cider 6.5%

Humboldt Cider Company, Humbolt 

Showcasing the wonderful aromas of a Macintosh apple this cider is semi dry, having a nice clean finish.

Churrrrch IPA 6.8%

Kern RIver Brewing, Kernville

'Chuuurch!' is a saying we use out on the river for something truly sublime. For example, "kayaking over that waterfall was Chuuurch!".

This wonderfully balanced IPA with Mosaic, Citra and Amarillo hops probably won't absolve you of all your sins (or even any of them) but we still hope you enjoy it. Remember, Chuuurch! is where you find it; find yours today!

Dreaming in Neon - Hazy IPA 6.8%

Fieldwork Brewing - Berkeley 

Exciting, new, and steeped in the tropics Dreaming In Neon is a laser beam of East Asian flavors with fresh squeezed notes of passionfruit, yuzu, kumquat and papaya

River Buddy Pale Ale 5.0%

Kern River - Kernville 


Strata, Citra & Eureka hops combined with clean, crisp Sierra Mountain water will make this hoppy pale ale your best friend. Dip your toes in the water, sit back and relax; life is good down by the river with a buddy.

One Way, West Coast IPA , 7.0 %

Old Caz Brewing - Rohnert Park

As for hops, any beer lover with their head screwed on right will echo the praises of Mosaic, Simcoe, and Citra hops; for One Way, we used all three. These hop additions were primarily in the whirlpool and dry hop, which reduces outright bitterness and protects more of the juicy, aromatic qualities of the hop.

Cans and Bottles 

Stone Delicious IPA (GF'ish) $5

Miller $3

Modelo $3

PBR Tall Boy $5

Athletic Brewing (non alcholic)

Upside Dawn - Golden 

Run Wild - IPA

House Wines & Spritzers

$9 /glass



Sauvignon Blanc

Pinot Noir


$10 /glass


Italian Spritz


Lavender Spritz

(Rosé, prosecco, gourmet lavender syrup, and sparkling water over ice)

Sabé Cocktails,

12 0z 13-15% ABV

(Moscow Mule, Paloma, Margarita)

Soft Drinks

Jarritos - Orange

Pelligrino - Orange and Lemon

La Croix - Variety 

A&W Root Beer 

Bottled Coke 

Diet Coke